Tips For an Initial Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were recently injured in an accident, you are wise to be looking for a licensed and experienced personal injury lawyer to make a claim for compensation. They can help you with every aspect of your case, and recover the just settlement you deserve for suffering as a result of another’s negligence. Continue reading to learn what to expect in the beginning when meeting with your attorney, including some helpful tips on how to plan for your initial consultation. Initial Consultations In the first stages of hiring a lawyer, you will likely start with a phone call to the office where you will speak with an associate or secretary. From there, it is common to have a short, preliminary phone call with your personal injury lawyer, followed by an initial consultation in person. Primary consults are important because they are the first in-person contact with your lawyer. Not only are they intended to provide a comfortable platform to exchange information about a case, they are also an opportunity to build a rapport with your attorney. Some law firms charge a non-refundable fee for such meetings, while many others provide them for free. It is best to inquire about fees in your first phone call to be prepared. Although initial consultations are one of the most important phases of a making a personal injury claim, there is no need to be nervous about yours. Below are some tips that may help you feel more prepared for your initial meeting with your personal injury lawyer. What to Bring With You There are some items you should bring with you to your first meeting to help you with the process. For starters, be sure to have the necessary supplies or devices to take notes. You will want to record some of the information exchanged in the meeting. Try to also bring a list of questions you have about your claim so that you do not forget to ask them. Lastly, it would help to bring any related documents or evidences to your case, such as police reports, medical records, bills, witness statements, letters and contact information from insurance companies, photographs of the scene, vehicles and injuries and even completed questionnaires or diagrams sent to you by your attorney. How to Conduct Yourself If you are nervous about meeting in person, keep in mind that your lawyer is on your team and is there to support you. With this understanding, it is also a good idea to conduct yourself with business-like professionalism to show you are a serious client with real legal needs. It can help build more trust with your personal injury lawyer, and make for better case results. In terms of conduct, the best tips to follow would be to arrive on time for your appointment, dress professionally, and be honest. Important Topics to Discuss During your initial consult meeting, you will want to address some important topics regarding legal costs. These topics include lawyer fees, payments, retainer agreements, billing practices, and any other anticipated legal costs. Your attorney will be able to clearly and concisely answer all of your questions regarding billing and compensation. After deliberating these topics, it is helpful to discuss what happens next. This will allow you to prepare for your case and follow through with any instructions or advice your lawyer has given you.