What Are The Benefits of Studying in Canada?

Canada offers the high-class standard of education. It has rigorous quality controls in education. A degree, diploma or certificate course from Canada is recognized globally. Its academic qualification is at par with one obtained from USA or Commonwealth nations. It is top spender on education in OECD countries. Education in Canada consists of both publicly funded and private schools. They include universities, colleges, technical institutes, language schools, community colleges and summer camps. It is one of the reasons why people take canada immigration. Education is affordable

Compared to USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, cost of living and tuition fee is lower, for international students. Hence Canada is the preferred choice for students who wish to attend university or college. USA public universities are 1/3rd costlier than Canada’s Bachelor degree. Private USA University costs almost double. Hence students come to study in canada. Scholarship Students having high academic scores and are good in extra circular activities may qualify for one of many scholarship programs or funding opportunities available for students, who chose to study in Canada. They have scholarship programs for Canadian and non-Canadian students. They have the database by country of origin for scholarship, fellowship or funds made available by Global Affairs Canada and Canadian federal government departments. Opportunities for research Research is one of the aspects of education, and a key component of post-secondary education. Government and industries play an equally important part. Sectors which research is most sought after are telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology and environmental science. Immigrants enter Canada on basis of skilled program in canada. High employment prospects Canada and USA are both members of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area). And they pursue the policy of immigration and employment prospects of professionals are infinite. This makes jobs in canada available. Student’s lifestyle Canadian university and colleges campuses have Wi-Fi hotspots which enable online interactive learning. These Wi-Fi hotspots are available in university and college throughout Canada. Other campus facilities include high caliber sports facilities, community radio, and newspapers. Canadian universities and colleges offer the best mix of leisure lifestyle and academics. Mixing leisure lifestyle and academic environment. Facilitates huge opportunities to meet students from varied nationalities and regions. Hence there are many indian immigrants to canada. Freedom to international students International students enjoy the same freedom and protection as their counterpart Canadian students. The society respects human rights and equality. Canada, on the whole, is stable and peaceful country. It is one of the best places in the world to study in. Language Education Being a bilingual country it teaches English and French as first and second language. It is the world leader in language teaching. One can improve the fluency and capacity of English and French. Because both English and French are an integral part of Canadian education. Multi-cultured society

The policy of multi-cultured society was adopted by Canada officially in 1971. And it was the first country in the world to adopt it. People from different parts of the world have settled in Canada. Hence they have almost all the world’s ethnic group. They have a multi-culture policy which confirms the right of aboriginal people. Along with the status of two official languages. Immigrants 20% of the population of Canada constitutes of immigrants. And hence it is a good mixture of different cultures. Their music and food will make students life exciting. Students also get knowledge of different cultures. They learn how to express themselves and can show their creativity and enhance self-confidence. Most of the immigrant’s entry is through express immigration to canada.