Attorney Kia Champion – The Lawyer You Have to Get to Know

A person once said “people do not win people fights – lawyers do”. For centuries we’ve had lawyers protecting people and fighting for their rights, but as the ages turned, we see lawyers change perspective and become the lawyers of this modern day – common butt of office jokes and labelled as liars and crocodiles. Where can people actually go and share their story to someone they can trust who they know will be there no matter what? Enter Attorney Kia Champion in the picture and you will be shocked to know that there are actually lawyers out there who know how to handle their clients well.

What you need to know about Attorney Kia Champion Attorney Kia Champion, real name Kiarash Shamloo Champion, began his journey like any other major success story out there. He took up Bachelors in Psychology in University of California – Irvine in 2007 where he topped as Magna Cum Laude against hundreds of students graduating that year. After his psychology studies, he proceeded with his utmost dream of being a lawyer and enrolled in University of San Diego School of Law where he took up his Juris Doctor and graduated in 2010. He knew he was to become a lawyer and invested his time for the upcoming bar exams while starting out as paralegal at Weinrieb Law Firm where he stayed for almost a year. He then became an associate at Naderi Law Office where he worked for a few months as he expected to be accepted by the bar near end of 2015. He was admitted to bar on September 18, 2015 and alongside that he has decided to advance his career further and founded his own firm. His practices circle on White Collar Crimes, Personal Injuries, Criminal Law, DUI & DWI and Domestic Violence. However, their firm definitely caters to more practices. The Champion Law Firm – the go to firm of the masses As he was beginning to start creating his mark in the legal industry, Attorney Kia Champion took all the major risks and built his own fort alongside with beloved lawyers who shared the same insights as him. As he was creating the champion team of lawyers that will comprise the company he only had high hopes that the combined experiences and wisdom that they have will be able to bring forth a firm that is different from the rest. Atty Kia Champion was successful in bringing together attorneys of high calibre who helped him turn his vision into a stunning reality. They currently reside in a building at 16000 Ventura Blvd, Ste 1208, Encino, CA 91436. This firm believes completely in the combination of character, compassion and commitment as they provide good service to their clients. Attorney Kia Champion worked hand in hand with his team with a promise to be there as a helping hand and an ear to listen to as they earn the desired result they needed to boost the firm. What clients tell you about their experiences This firm has handled clients and succeeded in winning their cases for them. As a firm example, founder and creator Atty Kia Champion has a long list of clientele who only has good words to say about him. Amongst these very good reviews, Attorney Kia Champion stands out as a lawyer with good humor who sees a light at the end of a dark tunnel, a champion listener who takes time in understanding and giving advice to his clients, a superb charmer who knows how to get out of tricky situations his client has their feet on and importantly, a lawyer who sees beyond the dollar sign and actually cares for the benefit of his client. When someone has a problem with the law, or can’t defend himself against crime doers there are only very little options out there – but now, you know, there is a champion amongst these lawyers in California, in a firm named The Champion Firm with the name Attorney Kia Champion. For inquiries or legal consultations, you may contact Atty Kia Champion any time through his social media accounts:

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