Protect Young Drivers From Distracted Driving

There are many teens that experience the thrill of getting their license and then going out on their own to drive, run errands, get to work, and travel. Even though teens swear they will be careful behind the wheel, they often feel invincible, and they are the most likely to engage in distracted driving.

Distracted driving can be a huge concern for teens. It is the leading cause of car accidents in teenage drivers, and many teens confess that they were using their phones as they were driving. There are some hands-free apps, but there are many situations where even hands-free applications can lead to distractions. Here are some of the best ways to reduce distractions in the car and keep teens safe!

Limiting The Number of People In A Vehicle

There are many states where the number of people that a teen can drive in a vehicle will be limited. A person under 19 in the state of Missouri can only have one other person in the vehicle under 19 that is not a family member. These rules can prevent distracted driving in cars.

Use A Phone Just For Emergency

A phone needs to be there for emergencies while you are driving. When your teen is focused on the road and practicing good driving habits, driving becomes much safer. Keep the phone away in a glove compartment and stay safe!

Don’t Drive Intoxicated

Warn your kids about the dangers of being intoxicated. Enforcing safe driving habits and making sure your kids stay away from intoxicated driving is important.

If your teen follows these tips regularly, they’ll grow into a much safer driver as they age.

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Importance of Trademark Attorney for your Business

Getting the good services of personal lawyers is a must for those running today’s big businesses. When you have to sue or when you are to be sued, the unknowing of law is a lame excuse. And incase your business is witnessing a growth, small or big, you will be better served if you hire the services of an attorney.

In modern times what can be the most significant asset that can be your business aide? The answer to this is quite simple. It happens to be the trademark, the trademark is the identity of your business that makes you stand apart from the others in the market field. So it is vital that you spend well of hiring the services of an attorney who happens to be a good attorney in his trade or else a less than good attorney can undo all the good that you have done to create a position in the market for your goods.

In case you have started on your business but do not have a trademark registered then you should start the procedure at once without delay and the filling can be done online too. Once that is done you can start using the suffix of either TM or SM which is a good indication to other businesses that this will be the mark which will tell between your business or product upon receiving approval.

An attorney is needed from the outset. An attorney can be helpful in directing you to what business entity best suits your idea and then provide you guidance in starting it. Licenses & permits which are a legal requirement shall be taken care off by your attorney, thus this gives you the confidence of a business that is completely legal. If you are from Denver, you can get more details about trademark lawyer Denver and hire their services to help you in trademark law matters.

If you happen to like a particular trademark logo or symbol you can only have it if you are the 1st to apply for that mark. Just imagine such a scenario wherein you have start a business from scratch and have worked your way up the ladder but during all that time you haven’t registered a trademark. And then suddenly a company comes in with a similar product or service like yours’ and gets a special registration for the same. You will be left with no option but to change your trademark because the same is not registered thus there is no proof that the signage is yours and you will also have to forfeit your goodwill.

The process is time consuming but has it rewards too and incase you have a first-rate trademark attorney then you just have to seize business opportunities while he gets the job done for you.

So it is vital that you spend well of hiring the services of an attorney who happens to be a good attorney in his job. Hiring a personal trademark attorney shall be beneficial while the office is over seeing your application. The attorney is a person that you can trust and he too has good knowledge of the USPTO requirements and the grounds on which they consider or reject an application, so he will sit with you while you are making a decision on mark for a trademark. Not only that he can provide you with right advice on such subject pertaining to services & filing of a trademark.

He will sit with you while you are making a decision on mark for a trademark and that can make a huge difference. The first suggestion he is likely to make in that direction is to get hold of a trademark report. This can be done through the internet searching of the USPTO website where you will have access to the current report of trademarks that are already there.

You should be completely careful when you happen to decide your trademark attorney. Not any Tom, Dick, Harry should be the one you select to represent you in front of the government. As an incapable person shall ruin your till date efforts and might get you on the wrong side of legal affairs. Apart from having knowledge and experience what you would like him/her to be is attentive to details, registered or licensed, and is a thorough professional. If you can get hold of one as mentioned above then you have a winner on your hand that shall not let you down.

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